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a space for new works

New Entertainment Studio

In our mission to provide diverse opportunities to local artists, Saguaro City Music Theatre is dedicated in providing a "nest"  for new works, providing a safe place for an artist and their work to incubate and grow with care, support, and guidance. An idea goes through many stages before it can become realized and shared publicly. We aim to be a beginning chapter, to foster fresh ideas from talented artists looking to tell new stories that capture our humanity, and our imagination.


Please, join us in this effort by learning about our first project VOYAGERS. Follow our progress as we explore 

in the studio, workshop with actors, and experiment with designs.

We ask for you financial support to help us launch VOYAGERS off the page and onto a stage.

(in incubation)

If you are an artist with a new project that needs support and would like to discuss working with Saguaro City Music Theatre - please contact Artistic Director, Drew Humphrey at

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